Vaccination Masturbation

4 min readJan 1, 2020

Information for the already informed.

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This morning a friend shared the above post about a woman who called poison control. She asked to speak with a tenured professional, and then gave him a list. It included formaldehyde, mercury, Tween 80, and aluminum, and she asked the poison control specialist if they were benign or poisonous. . . he said all of them were toxic to humans. She then asked him what would happen if you fed these toxins to or injected these toxins into your child. He explained that the adult would be charged with criminal negligence, perhaps with intent to kill, and the child would be irrevocably harmed. The poison control specialist then asked if her or anyone she knew was injecting these toxins into their children. She replied that an institution was, and that these are the common ingredients in our current vaccines.

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I did my research when I had my son. I knew I didn’t want his tiny, precious and (internally) clean body to be complicated with ingredients that serve no purpose other than to harm. I learned that the government passed a bill protecting its citizens in 1986, formally recognizing that vaccines had the potential to be harmful, and a public fund was set up to compensate the injured parties, so the manufacturing companies no longer had to pay.

This bill soon became far too expensive, and the government was no longer willing to cash out for the sheer volume of vaccine victims. So, a Supreme Court ruling was passed allowing no accountability for pharmaceutical companies making vaccines as long as their product was made with “proper manufacture and warning.”


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