Why I Risk a Republican friend.

8 min readMar 19, 2021

The story of how Reiki and cults helped me understand the other side of the aisle.

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

I know not every Republican is a QAnon or a Proud Boy or even MAGA, but as a Democrat, I have certainly struggled with trying to understand who believes what in the Republican party. What do Republicans, as a party, stand for?

In the four years that Trump was president, his administration and the media created a lot of confusion. And for most of his presidency, I retreated into spiritual work and my family. When Marianne Williamson starting running for president, I got excited and volunteered, and that was my first introduction to the great divide. I left the campaign after about four months to work on other things, but politics had gotten into my system, and it was hard to shake.

In May of 2020, I started a women’s circle for conscious, emotionally aware and spiritual women. The circle became an incredibly safe space for us to share our experiences and our feelings about our lives and relationships. We shared spiritual tools and books and teachers to enhance our growth and transformation. We didn’t judge each other. We relied on compassion to guide us through our relationships with each other. In September, one of the women revealed a shocking secret. She was a Republican. And she supported Trump.

I am naturally curious. I felt compelled to understand her, and I wanted to figure out if there was something she knew about Trump and conservatives that I didn’t. Why would a lesbian married to a latino trans man choose to be a Republican? I’m not saying being gay means you’re automatically a Democrat, but generally we vote within the party that supports who we are, and I thought Republicans were more the “Family Values” party that didn’t support anything but “traditional” hetero-cis families. Maybe I was wrong.

She told me that she did extensive research and had always been interested in conspiracy theories, but she was a Democrat. After much research, she found that high-level Democrats were involved in child-trafficking, and these Democrats (Barack and Michelle included) were using these trafficked children to drain them of their adrenaline glands and drink their blood — for what purpose was unclear. She believed she had viable knowledge (she saw the pictures), but all mainstream media…




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